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Wild Beets Ibiza Nourishing the mind body & soul

Wild Beets Ibiza Nourishing the mind body & soul

Not only is Wild Beets the one and only restaurant on the white isle to boast a 100% plant based menu, It is also a must visit for anyone who wants a healthy, incredibly delicious meal which is sure to nourish the mind, body and soul!

wild beets ibiza raw foods

Located in the village of Santa Gertrudis in the centre of Ibiza. The brainchild of self-proclaimed “accidental restauranteur” Cliff Grubin, a man completely dedicated to keeping his body as healthy as possible through nutrition, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience in the most ethical way he can, and whose journey to where he is now is one of the most incredible, fascinating and inspiring we have heard!

Growing up in New York, Cliff decided it was time to leave when he was in his early 20’s during the Reagan presidency. Thinking things could not get any worse… Cliff sold all his worldly belongings and jetted to Paris, where he learned French, hooked up with a crowd of like-minded individuals and travelled the world, enjoying a life of hedonism, bouncing around the planet for a number of years, Enjoying destinations such South East Asia, Indonesia and Africa, and partying in the likes of Goa and Thailand throughout the infancy of the Acid house revolution.

Throughout this crazy period of his life Cliff always felt the need to balance out the profligacy with a healthy balanced diet, and began studying and experimenting with nutrition. He discovered it is not necessarily what you put into your body that makes a difference, it is more what you leave out. Processed foods, sugar and pesticides became the enemy, and a fresh organic plant based diet the key to maintaining a healthy and happy existence.

Cliff returned to Europe fifteen years ago and settled in Ibiza due to its hedonistic edge. He made his living selling jewellery, whilst enjoying life without a care in the world, when he suddenly had a eureka moment. Missing all the delicious nutritious juices and smoothies from his travels, he realised Ibiza needs a juice bar and opened one on the iconic Benirras beach (2002). Not stopping there, he then opened IPURIFY (2009), a cold-pressed juice company, providing juice cleansing programs to suit individuals’ needs, and all the while studying nutrition and learning about the benefits and healing properties of raw foods.

wild beets juice bar ibiza

It was only when people started to ask him what they should eat after juice cleansing that Cliff decided to open Wild Beets, hence becoming an accidental restauranteur! Aided by his incredibly supportive artist wife Lillian and their daughters. Fuelled by his passion for nutrition and his hatred of “big business” big pharma and the mainstream food industry, who purposely and knowingly makes us ill, he opened Wild Beets, which is truly ethical (VEGAN) or please put somewhere that I am.)))), serving only healthy organic locally sourced, cruelty free, and extremely tasty food!
Wild Beets is a extended family run restaurant, preferrning to employ people from the local community, people with families and who actually live there and who want to be part of a project to give back something good to the island and unlike most restaurants in Ibiza, is open all year round. Incredibly talented chefs work hard to create the most nutritious and delicious dishes imaginable. “If we can pack more nutrition on a plate, we will, if it costs us a little more, so be it.”

This elegant and stylish restaurant serves breakfast (9am-midday), a main menu (served until 11pm), and a select, special dinner menu daily each menu boasts a variety of extremely well thought out raw and cooked dishes. Highlights include Faux-salmon tostada – made with carrots to have the taste and feel of smoked salmon, avocado cannellini with crème de kimchi, and beetroot ravioli with lemon cashew cream filling. Even the most fussy meat eaters will surprise themselves and be amazed by what can be done with plants, and if you are looking for something hearty, their home-cooked veggie burgers and lasagne are sure to satisfy. Everything is home-made, with the healthiest possible seasonal ingredients. Even the grains they use are considered, staying away from typical heavy and unhealthy wheat, and incorporating healthy alternatives such as Teff & Millet.

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When asked what the future holds for Wild Beets, Cliff states he just wants to see where the journey continues to take him! His passion for all things vegan, and his philosophy for his customers to eat with awareness, eat well, and above all enjoy, will continue to drive him, and perhaps one day will expand and move to a big city. For the time being though, give your tastebuds, your body and your mind a healthy wholesome and yummy treat and make the trip to Santa Gertrudis. Wild Beets is definitely not to be missed.