The Last Supper Club Dining Experience

The island of Ibiza is deliciously wild. Whether in a field, orchard, forest, or on a cliff, The Last Supper Club promise to cook exceptional food in exceptional surroundings. Let the stars be your ceiling, the sea your wallpaper and the land their kitchen. It’s time to break bread with the team at The Last Supper Club Ibiza.

Dreamt up by private Ibiza chef Mark Watkins and expertly brought together by fellow chef James Knight and event manager Lee White, as a way to cook the kind of food they love, using locally sourced ingredients and served in exceptional surroundings – The Last Supper Club is one of those Ibiza events that creates legends.

From the top of a rambling and sun kissed Camino, tiny glittering lights can be seen in the field below as night slowly falls across the island. Flickering lanterns illuminate a pathway down to a recently mowed hay field. Here a long table stretches out dressed in crisp white linen strung with yellow globes, set with plates and gleaming glassware, a sprig of wild rosemary placed gently on top of the napkins. While a DJ plays antique jazz on real vinyl records, or the strumming of an acoustic guitar can be heard drifting on the summer breeze, a few friendly dogs mooch around looking for attention.

People start floating down the path and sangria is handed out, laughter wafts across the night sky as a team of four in a makeshift, outdoor kitchen prepare morsels of goodness. The boho ambience is brimming with an understated excitement, of something new, fresh, of an exceptional experience about to be shared amongst friends and strangers alike. This is The Last Supper Club and Mark Watkins tells Absolute all about the journey that led him to this point.

The last supper club

“We like to put on a bit of a show and excite our guests – not just put a plate of food on the table. Our desert parade is something a bit special! It’s all about enjoying food together, connecting with people and the surroundings. Our beloved island is deliciously wild. James is fantastically creative and comes up with new, exciting menus, designed especially for each dining event and Lee’s expert organisational skills, guarantee a smooth, enjoyable evening for all involved.”

So who exactly are the team behind this magical machine? Chef and raconteur Mark originally set up La Grande Bouffe Catering and spent years cooking for celebrities and normal people alike. He now divides his time between Ibiza and Brighton, heading up the Last Supper Club kitchen.

James Knight has been cooking for twenty-three happy happy years. He has always avoided the regimented ‘Michelin’ kitchens and opted for the fun produce-lead ones. He has been lucky enough to work with some great chefs, Jeremy Lee, Amanda Pritchett, Mark Watkins, Sam and Sam Cook, Rose Grey, Fergus Henderson, Rowley Lee, Lee Tiernen, Tim Siadatan and many others. He has also worked in restaurants around Italy, France and Spain, cooking for the great and good. You know you’re doing well when everyone around the table is referred to as a county of England rather than a name. Don’t ever ask him about brunch unless you want to lose an hour to ranting and spittle.

The last supper club

Event Manger Lee has been working in events and catering all over the world, spending the most part of his time in Africa. He has a wonder lust and passion for people, food and creating new and unique experiences. He finally decided to settle down in Ibiza and raise a family there.

“Out of all of the places I have lived and visited this is the first place that’s truly felt like home. This is a glorious and fruitful Island. I wake up privileged to be here and working alongside such talents as Mark & James”.

From the offset, the lucky diners at the mystical Last Supper Club have sung the company’s praises, captivated by the hush hush locations, the theatrical food presentation, the chilled musical entertainment and the perfect blend of rustic charm and luxury gastronomy.

The last supper club

This was such a brilliant evening – heading off to a secret location in the countryside to find a long, beautifully laid table, fairy lights hanging from the trees, a bar, comfy chairs & a DJ! The food was delicious & the ‘dessert parade’ was spectacular. A unique & really fun night out – loved it!
Sarah Oliver

Such an amazing and unique dining experience in Ibiza, with top class food. There’s something quite magical about turning up to a beautifully arranged dining table in the middle of the campo sat by the full moon with lots of lovely people. Really was some of the best food I’ve tasted in Ibiza, and I loved buzz from the theatrical dessert.
Gini Scott

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