the Ibiza Shift Finding the Balearic Balance

The Ibiza Shift Finding The Balearic Balance

Ibiza is widely recognised as the party capital of the world, notorious for its round the clock clubbing and beach parties. From the moment you arrive at the airport, and all along the road into the city, you can see billboards for superstar DJs and nightclubs. However, as clubbers on half of the island rave in smoke and lasers and buy their way into VIP booths, there is a new set of island goers emerging. Loosely labeled as the islands “other side” Ibiza has become a hub for wellness and wellbeing, with restaurants, spas, fitness bootcamps and retreats.

Passion Café

“Home for health and happiness”. With 6 juice and superfood smoothie cafes and restaurants around the island, Passion Cafe is a must-visit for any healthy food lover. 

Their philosophy is to create good, natural, wholesome food using the very best quality ingredients they can find. Their food is unadulterated and unadorned sourcing locally grown and organic produce wheeever possible. With a menu focused on vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, local and raw dishes, Passion Cafe is our top foodie destination for any raver or yogi seeking a delicious and nutritious plant based meal to compliment their healthy holiday.


La Granja

Nestled in the middle of the island, this is more than just a hotel. It is a rustic, luxurious hideaway for those who seek a simpler, quieter way of life. Surrounded by rolling hills, pine forests and traditional farmland, it’s a place to relax and enjoy good food and company. Think 16th-century farmhouse with private-retreat vibes. The hotel has an impressive roster of wellness centered activities, from guided group meditations to mescal rituals to lectures on diverse topics, such as the future of mobile societies. As a guest, you’ll also learn all about biodynamic farming through a series of workshops and community-based projects— and by dining at the hotel’s farm-to-table restaurant, where everything is made with biodynamic homegrown fruits, vegetables, herbs and other small batch products. It has 10 main guestrooms decorated in a traditional Ibizan style; an open, communal dining area with reclaimed wood furniture; and a luxurious pool that overlooks acres of terraced farmland. A traditional Bedouin tent on the property hosts parties, meditations and gatherings of like-minded people.


Positioned on the top of a cliff overlooking the bay, for those looking to do yoga surrounded by Ibiza’s stunning scenery, Amante Yoga at Sol Den Serra bay is perfect for you. The stunning natural setting makes an ideal location for early morning yoga practice.

The guided practice is every Monday and Thursday from 9:00am to 10:30am the sessions are open to people of all levels and experience. The yoga is followed by a healthy buffet breakfast on the Amante terrace, a great way to start fulfilling day. The menu includes raw juices, shakes and freshly baked patisserie.

Ibiza built its reputation in the 70s for its boho, free-spirited crowds and hippies. It was a rave culture that made it big in the 80s, and the Balearic house movement in the 90s. Since then it has steadily grown to a mecca for disco fiends, party hungry revellers and not to mention super yachts, celebrities and an expensive VIP night culture. However, the traces of Ibiza’s hippy days and bohemian roots are beginning to shine again. The island is catering for the yogi crowd, those wanting to rejuvenate, relax and soak in the island’s beauty and enjoy it’s magic healing power. Gradually and excitingly, we are now seeing signs of both the sides of the island merging.

The pressures of the clubbing and electronic music scene are forcing those in the industry to seek healthier habits. DJ Producer, Stuart Sandeman has been coming to the island since 2002. Having played Sankeys, Space and other events on the island he knows the scene and pressures only too well. Following the loss of his girlfriend to cancer he took a shift, trained to be a coach and breath facilitator to help those in the industry find more balance. This summer he will be bringing these skills to Ibiza to support physical, mental and emiotnal health.

“Having toured internationally as a DJ/Producer I know too well the industry pressures, highs and lows. It’s so easy to develop unhealthy habits in this industry with nocturnal hours, crazy schedules, job insecurity, a culture of drink and drugs and all those solitary hours spent in front of a computer or on the road. This can take a huge toll on your physical and mental health, we have seen this with a number of artists now. Adopting a conscious approach to wellness in the dance music industry has been a huge game changer for my wellbeing and the artists I work with. I use coaching and breath work as tools to support mindset, maintain balance and connect to deeper states of creativity. Something I wish I had adopted earlier in my career. They are amazing tools to help increase energy, focus, productivity, confidence and alleviate stress, performance anxiety and fatigue. I have also found that they can provide a deep connection to creativity and flow states in the studio.

I have been coming to Ibiza for over 15 years. The island has shifted a lot, the intensity and the demands of the industry. Things need a bit of a correction”

Studies have shown that musicians are three times more susceptible to mental illness compared to the general public. This is again in the limelight with the recent death of Superstar DJ – Avicii. In interviews he shared the stresses of life on the road, and how he was hospitalised multiple times due to inflammation of his pancreas linked to his excessive drinking habits.

“I need to figure my life out. The whole music thing was for the sake of success. I wasn’t getting any happiness anymore.” Avicii to Rolling Stone Magazine

This pattern of behavior is characteristic of many artists within the musical sphere. The topic’s come to the surface with Benga, Midland, Scuba, Motor City Drum ensemble and Ben Pearce among those to have shared their troubles. When the pressure is on, and fatigue sets in from over-work then one’s own mental health can begin to suffer. Ill mental health can result in low studio output, poor performances, low self-esteem, show cancellations, reduced fees and even early retirement. The pressures in the music industry have huge physical, mental, emotional and financial impact on not only the artists but also on the teams that support them including managers, booking agents and promoters and clubbers.

In reaction, this year in Ibiza we see the Launch of IMS Remedy State, a wellness retreat taking place as a precursor at the International Music Summit, advocating self-care within the arts and entertainment industry. This is a 3-day holistic retreat in May curated by and for dance music professionals and the public, aiming to help those who have suffered from physical, mental and emotional demands that come with the industry. Attendees will have the chance to have one-to-one consultations with nutritionists, dieticians and doctors who specialize in holistic practices. The retreat will also include a daily yoga practice, meditation, breathing workshops and offer plant based meals along with keynote lectures and motivational talks.

Stuart Sandeman will be leading the Breath workshops through his company Breathpod.

“We breathe on average 20,000 times a day, yet most of us are unaware of its remarkable ability to transform the way we feel. Our lives depend on breathing, the constant exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Some may assume the autonomic action of everyday breathing is sufficient, however, the truth is many people breathe in shallow and constricted patterns. 1 in 10 have symptoms of dysfunctional breathing and we ALL have experiences in life that affect our breathing mechanism. When we limit the effectiveness of our breathing process we limit the amount of oxygen that are delivered to our cells. This can lead to illness, general lack of energy, feeling emotionally drained, fatigue, and can trigger stress, anxiety and depression.”

The great thing about IMS Remedy state is that the concept aims to start a dialogue that will lead to a more sustained, positive health choices on the island. It is different to your usual retreat, where unhealthy habits can reappear shortly after 3 days of bliss. It’s about making conversation, creating awareness and finding conscious balance between the Ibiza the party capital and Ibiza the wellness hub.

Remedy State will take place May 21-23 2018 at SA TALAIA IBIZA. An intimate and serene boutique resort nestled in the Es Puig area of Ibiza and surrounded by pine woods and beautiful gardens.The resort features a full-size swimming pool with jacuzzi and lush greenery as well as a gourmet restaurant. All guest rooms are beautifully appointed in a contemporary mood and include Balinese beds and luxury linens to help you get a deep restful sleep each night.

A very limited number of on-site hotel packages are available with your badge and can be purchased as a bolt-on during checkout. Attendance starts at the introductory rate of €300 and includes the entire program outlined below. There are no hidden costs.

7 organic vegetarian meals curated by Catherine Arnold

1 x 30-minute holistic wellness consult w/ Dr. Ahmed Ali

1 x 15-minute nutritional consult w/ Catherine Arnold

5 keynote lectures

4 yoga and meditation sessions led by Dr. Ahmed Ali

2 breathing workshops led by Breathpod

2 nature walks led by Walking Ibiza

Optional in-depth evaluations or therapy

Arrival is from 8am Monday May 21st with main activities beginning midday. Departure is midday on Wednesday the 23rd.

For more information, or to book search for Remedy State IMS Ibiza on Eventbrite.