Smart Charter Ibiza

Smart Charter Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most famous places in world to charter a luxury boat and enjoy the stunning vistas the island has to offer from the sea. If it’s just for a day cruise to the small island of Formentera to have a swim in the crystal clear waters or a week long trip to explore the many hidden beaches around Ibiza – Smart Charter Ibiza is the largest boat charter company on the spot and they provide their clients with all they need for the perfect experience onboard.

Five years ago Charlie Veale, a long time residents, started the company by buying an old boat which he restored and rented out afterwards. The foundation was laid. Today Smart Charter Ibiza still consists of these two parts: maintenance and charter. Both are linked and one wouldn’t work without the other and it wouldn’t work without the team behind both parts either; from Veale who grew up on the island and developed a passion for boats from a very young age to Alessandra Grisoni who was drawn into this dream of building a charter company when they’ve met.

Four years ago they merged with another company that already owned a few boats even though they didn’t offer refitting or painting but they now had a proper little fleet that constantly grew. Today they have 52 boats available for charter, 48 of them owned exclusively by the company. Most of them are based in the city’s port but since there is not enough space for such a big fleet they are some also based around the island with more than a hundred staff looking after them in summer season. From Christina, who works in the Sales department and moved from Miami to the island to Ugne who left from her home country Lithuania to seek a new life on Ibiza to Fidi, Abraham and Dazzla who all put their hearts into the company and make it what is is today: a great success.

Most of the team members are residents and know the island like the back of their hands. The company is very proud to provide this personal service with all crew members speaking both English and Spanish and many also French and German. No matter what requests a client has, this is the place to get customised service, a great choice of boats and insider knowledge about the best spots to discover. There are so many beautiful sailing routes around the island that are blissfully traffic free even in peak season. Exposing a coastline where the water is shimmering in all shades of blue and the beaches are unspoilt, with some of Ibiza’s best kept secret dining destinations tucked away in hidden coves and secret bays.

Most of the holidayers go on a day cruise to escape the hustle and bustle of Ibiza in high season and to sail in and out of some of the most beautiful and bohemian beaches. The island’s north remains one of the last undiscovered bastions of Ibiza with Cala Xarraca, Cala Xuclar, or Cala d’en Serra. There are also a few tiny but stunning beaches that are only accessible by boat where there is a good chance of being completely alone. Whether you prefer to sunbathe on the deck of your yacht, to stretch out and bask on dry land or to swim and snorkel amongst the abundant marine life, there’s something very special about having all this beauty just for yourself. If you’re in a big group a full day out on a power boat will cost much the same as supper in a smart restaurant. Of course you can also invest into a bigger boat to take some more time to explore all the beautiful spots around the magic White Island. Many clients stay onboard for a week and putter about the quiet coves aboard a sleek yacht.

The 10-person Sunseeker Tomahawk is a great choice to explore the shores of Ibiza in style: the sleek and sexy speedboat comes with a huge sound system and looks and acts the part. Have the cabin stocked with some cold sparkling cava and set off from the port beside Ibiza’s old town around Cap de Falco and Las Salinas towards the bay of Es Torrent. The same-named restaurant is the perfect place to disembark and go for a lovely lunch. Drop anchor beside nearby Es Vedra, the little rocky island which is Ibiza’s unofficial totem – it’s the third most magnetic place in the world. There is also a natural diving platform close by chiselled into the rock face of even tinier neighbouring island Es Vedranell. Smart Charter Ibiza boats all come equipped with snorkel equipment and towels, drinks and snacks, and catering can be arranged. For those who fancy an adventure, the fast and super sleek Sunseeker Superhawk 48 is probably the best water toy. Not only will you look like James Bond, this boat is fast enough to also escape any enemy you might have made by showing off with this eye-catcher.

Sailing fans will love the Aiglon 122, a two-masted 45-meter schooner complete with sleek, classic lines that lend her her namesake, The Eagle. Take on some exhilarating coastal sailing in the sparkling Balearic Sea. Less experienced sailors can go on short trips between hidden calas – beaches – while strong winds make for rewarding longer voyages for more advanced crews. One of the newest and most luxurious additions to the fleet is the Blue Jay which comes with five cabins. This Tecnomar Velvet 120 might not be the most affordable option to just shipper around for a bit, but most certainly the perfect choice for a once in a lifetime experience on sea.

Having this great boat added to their fleet didn’t seem to be enough for the ambitious young team around Veale and Grisoni. Very recently, they decided to actually take things even further and partnered up with Boatsetter, the biggest online platform for boat charter in the world. Based in Miami, Boatsetter is a three-party marketplace where private boat owners and professional charter companies, captains and renters meet. Like an Air BnB for boats, users can pick nearby ones, rent it with a captain attached or pick a separate crew, and quickly get out on the water at an affordable price. Since the private owners are just trying to make back some of the non-stop expenses of keeping a boat afloat, Boatsetter is easy and affordable and now also available on Ibiza. With this expansion the US-company made a big step into becoming more global while for the Spanish company on Ibiza it is a great success to be linked with the big player in Florida. It is the perfect merger in a world where a materialistic culture is slowly shifting into a more experiential one. People don’t want to spend a ton of money or learn the boating skills to get out on the water. They want to do amazing things they can capture on their camera phones and share on their social networks. They want memories. And it’s hard to top gliding over the waves with friends on your own private boat… even if it’s just for the afternoon.