SAL de IBIZA the salt of the earth

SAL de IBIZA the salt of the earth

SAL de IBIZA produces and markets the highest-quality, gourmet sea salt sourced directly from Ibiza.

Founded in April 2004 by Daniel C. Witte, the product line today comprises a total of 37 different products, each of which differs in composition, taste, desired application, package-size and design. The company pays great attention to its iconic packaging, designed to emphasise the product line’s exclusiveness and its use of natural packaging materials, such as ceramic, real cork and refined cardboard.

All of SAL de IBIZA’s sea salt is harvested in the nature reserve “Parc Natural de ses Salines d’Eivissa”, proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. The salt is obtained solely by the natural evaporation of seawater and preserves more than 80 vital minerals and trace elements (such as magnesium, fluoride, selenium and iodine) detectable in seawater, all of which are essential for the human organism.

After crystallization the salt is simply raked together and placed on the side of the basins to dry off. The resulting dice-sized crystals are then ground – in the case of SAL de IBIZA – inside ancient stone-mills, to the point of desired granulation. This is the way salt has been obtained for several thousand years – after all, the Salinas salt flats of Ibiza are more than 2,700 years old.

The symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship, plentiful sun and light winds, creates this wholly natural sea-salt. There is nothing added nor taken away, because a pure and healthy sea-salt requires only sun, sea, and an ocean breeze – truly Cristal de la Vida!

SAL de IBIZA “THE STOREs” are based in Sta. Eulalia and San José, offering the most select choice of genuine products from Ibiza. Everything ranging from fashion, interior design, jewellery, “beach-stuff”, “Balearic” sound – and of course fine food – all guaranteed to be top-quality selected exclusively by SAL de IBIZA.

The company believes in iconic local brands such as “Bloomers & Bikinis” by Ibicenco top-model Laura Sánchez, groovy swimwear from Formentera-based brand “Dossae” and lovely detailed accessories by “Marta Anastasia” – also from Formentera. Added to this there is “Agua Dulce”; nicely washed espadrilles by “Suyute”, refined pieces by jewellery designers “OCO Ibiza” and many other locals. (Skin) charming Pareos by “Lamu Kikoy”; beach-towels by “OBABA”; happy kids stuff by “A Peace of Ibiza”; sexy Bikinis from a range of designers, as well as internationally renowned brands of luxurious “Hippie Glam” tunics such as “Melé Beach” from Barcelona; beautiful shawls and scarves by “Ese o Ese”, and funky BoHo-chic casuals by “Uno piu Uno”, “Be Different” and the likes…

Perfect for those who want to connect with the real spirit of Ibiza!

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