IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar Ibiza

IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar Ibiza

Refined Japanese cuisine in the heart of Ibiza.

Those fascinated by innovative culinary concepts can get together at a fantastic location in the centre of Ibiza overlooking the Old Town and the Ibiza marina. Izakaya presents modern Japanese cuisine with South American influences – it’s an outstanding shared–dining concept that will suit the cosmopolitan nature of Ibiza. Behind this inspiring idea are renowned hospitality entrepreneurs Yossi Eliyahoo and Liran Wizman, owners and founders of Amsterdam–based ‘The Entourage Group’ and the Group’s managing director, Stephanie Pearson. The Group has already celebrated multiple successes including Amsterdam restaurants Momo, Mr Porter and The Duchess, and international brand The Butcher, with five locations in Amsterdam and Berlin following the recent opening on Kantstrasse. Izakaya Amsterdam opened in 2012 and has become a firm favourite of locals, celebrities and the international jet set crowd.

Yossi Eliyahoo of The Entourage Group says; ‘’Izakaya is best translated as ‘Japanese pub’ – a place deeply rooted in the Japanese culture. Dishes are served on small plates that are made for sharing. In Amsterdam, Izakaya shaped this authentic concept into a high-end gastronomic experience. An extravagant Japanese cuisine meets Peruvian flavours. Authentic elements are given a contemporary twist when combined with creative techniques. This is not only presented in the menu but throughout the whole concept. It’s the essence of Izakaya; authentic yet never traditional. Izakaya is ready to kick off another summer in Ibiza.’’

In 2017, Izakaya travelled to the Balearic Islands and settled at the heart of Sir Joan Hotel. Baranowitz + Kronenberg took the initial urban DNA of Izakaya, which they first defined in Amsterdam, and transcended it to the realm of a summer resort of laid–back sun-seeking elite, jet setters and smart party lovers. Perceived as an inside-out venue, the pool and cabanas are part and parcel of the Izakaya experience. Inspired by the maritime life of the Balearics, the Izakaya design resonates with yacht living where walnut wood planks, polished stainless steel details and socialising are fundamental.

The show kitchen at Izakaya stands out as a socialising spot where parties of up to 15 guests are able to watch and share an inspiring culinary performance while seated along the polished steel chef’s table. Floating above it all is a stainless steel polished lamella ceiling that mimics water reflections. Outdoor cabanas and dining around the pool takes Izakaya under the sun, for which a laid back spatial experience is supported by simple bespoke design gestures. After sunset, sun loungers turn into cosy dining spaces. With DJs setting the energetic vibe throughout dinner, Izakaya turns the place into a music and drinking scene every night.

Time-honoured techniques blend with innovative signatures, with spectacular dishes as a result. Executive Chef Hariprasad Shetty composed a sophisticated menu of a variety of small, unconventional dishes and specialties of the Robata grill, always daring guests to try something new. Time after time. Like in Amsterdam, the traditional Robata grill is centred in the heart of the restaurant in Ibiza, where guests will be able to watch the chef inimitably do their work. Besides the specialities of the Robata grill, Izakaya has a sophisticated menu of Sakana – a variety of small dishes – and dishes created with the Hibachi fire bowl, a Japanese small hot plate. An exquisite selection of sushi and sashimi complete the menu.

Along with redefining Asian culinary classics, Izakaya provides a cutting-edge twist to the bar with an array of house-infused tonics with the Japanese Shōchū as the base. The Shōchū is distilled from barley, buckwheat and sweet potato. Beside this Asian influenced cocktail menu, a giant wine fridge is the main feature of the central bar, offering a vast international fine wine library as well as a unique selection of Japanese sake, Shōchū and whiskeys. The iconic 360 degrees island bar is embraced by this overwhelming wine library set in state of the art fridges of crystal glass and polished steel.