Ibiza Polo Club

Ibiza Polo Club

The real Ibiza is full of hidden gems, so it is perhaps no surprise that Ibiza Polo Club has been quietly thriving in the north of the Island.

Located close to San Lorenzo, the Morna valley hills create a stunning backdrop to the action on the polo field. Post polo the players and supporters enjoy drinks at the club house, often listening to live music as the sun goes down before heading off to dinner at one of the local restaurants or one of Ibiza´s magical parties. Visiting players enjoy the Ibiza lifestyle of beach clubs, boat trips to Formentera, shopping at the bohemian markets.

“Back in 2009, Ibiza was famous around the world for many things, but none of them related to polo. The idea of creating a polo field from scratch and bringing more than 70 horses to the island would have been considered “loco” by anyone´s standards, but while it has been a crazy ride, I have made it happen thanks to amazing team around me.” says the charismatic Gabriel Iglesias, founder and owner of the club.

Gabriel was a successful 6 goal polo player with an international career spanning the US, Dubai and Sottogrande in Spain. He and his wife Eva first bought the Beach polo concept to Ibiza in 2009. It was a huge success and in 2012 the club at its base in San Lorenzo was started. It has steadily grown to become a popular and vibrant club and a key destination for low goal, high fun polo in Europe.

Maintaining a small, family run feel with a core group of members who are either residents or frequent visitors to the club, the club has also attracted the worlds best polo players thanks to Gabriel´s contacts and support from the polo world. Adolfito Cambiaso and Hazel Jackson, arguably the best male and female players in the world today have both played (and won) the Ibiza Beach Polo tournament.

The unique tournament schedule, running from April through to October appeals to club members as well as visiting players. The highlights for the 2019 summer season include the 6th Mixed tournament, where each team consists of 2 women and 2 men, the 4th Father and Son tournament, in which each team includes a father and son or mother and daughter 19th to 21st July and the 10th Beach polo tournament, now played at the club site on 1st to 4th August.

Club chukkas is played every Wednesday and weekends without tournaments and visiting players are welcome to join. The club prides itself on introducing new players to the game, offering lessons and instructional chukkas to complete beginners. Many of the members were completely new to polo and have found themselves able to play in tournaments after just a few weeks of lessons and practices.

While based on a small island, the club has a wide international footprint. An Ibiza Polo Club team travelled to Cancun in March and successfully won a tournament. Last summer, the Ibiza Ladies Team were victorious at the British Ladies 12 goal tournament at Cowdray Park. Oxford University polo team have visited in April for a training camp for the past two years. They enjoy the opportunity to train on grass pre-season which has helped them to victory in the Varsity and Atlantic cups.

The club continues to grow. As well as the main field, which is improving each year, the club now boasts a new stick and ball field and an arena. There are 40 horses at the club, many owned by members, although there is also a string available suitable for a wide range of experience levels from complete beginner to visiting professional.

It’s not only the world renown polo schools that are excited to travel to Ibiza to play polo. Ibiza Polo Club School welcomes beginners, including children from 7 years old and up. The club also offers businesses a fascinating experience to develop strategy and collective team consciousness. It unites colleagues while they learn to play polo as a team, and is more accessible than many people believe. It is exhilarating and provides many individual challenges that develops confidence in ability. Each team has 4 players playing on the grass field or 3 players playing in the sand arena. It’s crucial that each player works together with his colleagues to win. This develops communication and enhances the team mindset. In polo, the talent of each player relies on their teammates developing communication skills. On the field, they have to respond quickly to every situation. The collective strategy is as important as the individual skill of each player. This creates a need and willingness to develop a common solution to problems. The game is an exciting challenge that tests the physical and mental ability of each player. It is a truly unique experience that the team will remember.

Safety comes first. Insurance is mandatory for all the players and world-class instructors conduct every lesson. The horses are all highly trained and your teams safety and comfort is their primary concern.

Ibiza Polo Club itself offers a whole host of facilities. The Reception is open all week for information about registrations, sponsorship opportunities, polo school, private lessons, tournaments and practices. The club offers excellent facilities, a player’s dressing room, bathrooms, showers and a massage room.

The club boasts 60 stables that are spacious, comfortable and perfectly ventilated. They have automatic watering, and the horses are bedded on a hypo-allergenic natural bedding. A 300 square meter roofed deck shelters the spectators and VIP guests so they can comfortably enjoy a polo game . There is a fully stocked bar and catering is available on pre-request.

The Ibiza Polo Club has its own clothing brand which is available at the exclusive club shop. Known as a one-stop shop for all things polo, the shop also stocks an extensive range of polo whites, shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, boots, helmets, knee pads and polo goggles. You can also find quality reins, bridles, saddles and other equipment from trusted international suppliers to ensure your equine partner is fully kitted out.