Hierbas de Ibiza

Hierbas de Ibiza

Hierbas de Ibiza are a must-have for any true perfume connoisseur: The name `Hierbas de Ibiza´ is an international ambassador of the good name and charm of the island through niche perfumeries, stylish boutiques, and concept stores throughout the world.

A family business, this cross-generational tradition in perfume making goes back to 1965 when the jewellers Antonio and Pele Torres –two of the original participants of ‘The Adlib Fashion’– created the Eau de Toilette and Aftershave Torres as a complement to their exclusive jewellery collection. At that time, the fragrance’s packaging was developed by the designer André Ricard.

Three decades later, overwhelmed by the success of such products, the next generation of Torres Sagrera siblings, undertook a thorough study of all facets of production to perfect and re-interpret this pioneering initiative and create new products. The result was the creation of ‘Agua de Colonia Fresca Hierbas de Ibiza’ as it is known today.

Since then the company has increased its portfolio and has ‘sailed the seven seas’ following in the footsteps of our grandfather Antonio Torres Molines, an Ibizan sailor who in his youth from 1915, captained the brig ‘Matilde’ during various commercial voyages to Havana, New York and other main ports.

All of this has been achieved without ever losing the family feeling that the Torres de Can Cascais have stamped on it. It is truly a full family team effort. The eldest sister, Isabel, designer and copywriter, is responsible for design, image and presentation; the ‘Solid Cologne’ in a silver compact has been carefully created by Antonio Torres (father) as a small jewel… each member of the team puts their very best into Hierbas de Ibiza Perfumes.


Hierbas de Ibiza Perfumes embody the true spirit of Ibiza. On the small Mediterranean island

the maxim ‘live and let live’ is particularly meaningful. Ibiza is a hedonistic and cosmopolitan universe that imprints the stamp of freedom on all those who share a love for the island. The strong personality of Ibiza imposes itself without effort, creating a unique and sublime sense of beauty, characterised by simplicity and spontaneity.

In ancient times various civilisations believed Ibiza to be a sacred orchard, which eventually received the by-name of “the scented island”. The Phoenicians who worshipped the goddess Tanit even sited their temple there. On their return journey, Phoenician sailors took back earth from Ibiza to their homeland in order to spread it around their homes in the belief that it protected them from misfortune and poisonous reptiles.

This same fertile land of Ibiza, with its privileged climate, gives the best palette of aromatic plants to obtain a unique fragrance. To wear Hierbas de Ibiza is to participate once again in this protective rite, wrapping oneself in a divine fragrance and evoking a sense of happiness. The motto in the logo proudly states the inscription “tot mon cor feis alegrar” in the Ibicenco language, or “you do fill my heart with joy”.

From Sant Llorenç de Balàfia in the centre of the island, every product upholds the everlasting quality of the spirit of Ibiza, an attitude that invites you to enjoy life and its small pleasures, since that is the real, authentic treasure. Ibiza lives on in you: in your heart and also in every Hierbas de Ibiza product, be it the Eau de Cologne, Bath Salts, Balm and Bath or a bar of soap.

Genuine and inimitable, the fresh fragrance of Hierbas de Ibiza Eau de Cologne is the company’s star creation, enjoyed by both men and women. Concentrated in its flask are found the unique aromas of this privileged Mediterranean island. Transparent and luminous, its exquisite fragrance evokes in us certain sensations of those clean and fresh-air sunrises that are characteristic of Ibiza.

It is made with the natural essences of orange and lemon peel, thyme, sage, lavender, rosemary, jasmine and orange blossom, amongst others. Particularly outstanding are its bright and fresh scent notes, which are perfectly harmonised with green aromatic nuances. There is no substitute for a summer dip in Ibiza’s crystalline waters, but Hierbas de Ibiza Bath Salts will bring the healthy properties of sea bathing back to your home at any times of year, wherever you live

The bath salts are made from the precious salt of ‘Las Salinas’ (Ibiza’s salt flats) which were harvested and praised by the Phoenicians in 700 B.C. This salt is a natural treasure of outstanding purity: the intense sun and rich ecosystem peculiar to Ibiza’s seawater – the marine fields of Posidonia seaweed have been declared a World Natural Heritage Site by Unesco – gives us a unique salt due to the high concentration of its elements.

A handful of bath salts under a gush of water is enough to bring your bath to life, flooding it with the unmistakable fragrance/


The Gentle Perfumed Soap is crafted by using a handmade process which guarantees its excellent quality and respects the properties of its active ingredients: plant based natural oils, glycerine and aloe vera ‘barbadensis miller’, the variety which has the highest cosmetic properties.

We have our own plantation of aloe vera. In Ibiza every country house has aloe growing in near proximity. Among other various uses of the plant is its efficiency in the care and nutrition of the skin, which was already well known by the Ibizans in ancient times.

Hierbas de Ibiza Moisturising Body Balm combines perfectly with the Bath & Shower Gel after your daily shower. Highly absorbent, rich in glycerine, beeswax and almond oil, it moisturises, nourishes and freshens the skin without leaving any trace of oil. Free of aggressive ingredients, it will help your skin, at whatever age, to have a healthy glow. A few minutes after its application you will become aware of its repairing benefits.

The Hierbas de Ibiza Scented Candle blends the essences of lemon, orange, thyme, sage, lavender, rosemary, jasmine and orange blossom with a delicate equilibrium, forming a harmony of fresh chords.The fresh and intense fragrance of this candle will open your home to the spirit of Ibiza. Light its wick to achieve a warm glow that unfurls the distinctive perfume of the Hierbas de Ibiza eau de cologne, a unique aroma that year after year continues to captivate new followers all over the world.


The range of products has recently been extended with a new addition to the fragrance, the Eau de Cologne Herbas de Ibiza in its solid form.

Its preparation has a creamy texture and an intense fragrance to be applied to the skin lightly. It is presented in a silver compact of solid sterling silver. The lid of our own design is stamped with a medallion of the goddess Tanit. This jewel-perfume was created by the jeweller Antonio Torres (the father).