Bambuddha the iconic temple restaurant

Bambuddha the iconic temple restaurant

Bambuddha first opened in 1999, starting as a spiritual social centre for friends, and over the last 19 years it has continued to grow, evolving into the iconic Temple Restaurant it is today.

Bambuddha truly is a beautiful reflection of the fascinating and inspiring, yet very complicated life of her founder Jon Moon. Every detail found in the village has a story of its own and every piece has been thoughtfully selected, collected and brought to Bambuddha from the world’s most distant places by Jon Moon on his endless travel adventures. The philosophy of tantra has played a major part in Jon Moons life journey and is also a big part of Bambuddha, the seductive cave-like Tantra shop is a beautiful reminder that you need to embrace & respect your sexuality to lead a spiritual life.

A visit to Bambuddha, in the heart of Ibiza, is more than a culinary experience, it is a wondrous adventure for the imagination as well as for all the senses. The setting and the amazing ambiance is what makes this a truly unique dining experience. The lovingly created venue, fusing spirituality with sexuality, is surrounded by an impressive tropical canopy of bamboo and ancient oriental stone statues. The outdoor oriental sanctuaries are perfect for balmy summer evenings and the Moonlight pagodas provide an intimate and exclusive setting for a memorable night.

The bar offers incredible refreshing cocktails, made with freshly prepared ingredients and craft spirits from all over the world, to be enjoyed in plush furnishings and to the seductive sounds of resident DJ’s. The restaurant is famous for serving MediterrAsian cuisine inspired by the Ancient Spice Route from Spain, through Thailand, Vietnam to Japan. Always pioneering, bold and forward thinking, the creatively composed menu offers a wide and colorful range of dishes, such as dim sum, baos, curries & sushi. This years menu proves that Bambuddha is acting consciously by choosing organically, locally and sustainably produced products whenever possible. The award-winning cuisine can be experienced under the starlit balearic sky or under the impressive sparkling chandelier.

Last year John Moon retired, allowing him to dedicate more time on tantra and sailing, and the dynamic brother and sister team, JonJon and Sasha Moon, entered at the helm of beautiful Bambuddha. John Moon remains present as ‘Spiritual Guide’ and an ‘Elder of the Black Sheep Tribe’.

Having spent their childhood in and around the restaurant, and watched it grow and evolve over the years, both JonJon and Sasha represent the heart and soul of this most opulent venue, and both bring their own individual strengths, skills and passions to empower and enrich the growth of Bambuddha moving forward.

Jonjon replaced his father as carer and guardian of the Bambuddha Temple and her philosophy; serving the Spirit of the Entity. Having studied business at Oxford, England, JonJon is the driving force behind the logistics of the business, and his wealth of knowledge from both his studies and having spent many years at the very centre of Bambuddha is unrivalled. Therefore, he instinctively understands the needs and desires of the devoted diners, both island residents and visitors alike, and those who come simply to soak up the inimitable ambience. He tells us that his reason for finally taking the leap to return to direct the business is to continue the legacy which his father created, and to ensure that this fabulous family affair continues to enrich the island.

Blessed with beauty and an innate talent for fashion design, Sasha encapsulates the elegant yet bohemian beating heart of Bambuddha and her sensual being. She is the driving source behind the the seductive tantra shop, which also offers an exclusive collection of luxury designers and unique fashion items. Sasha is also taking care of the PR side of the business, with her natural charm and international connections making her the obvious person to enhance Bambuddha´s already glowing reputation. Having travelled the world designing and sourcing unique and eclectic clothing, she has spent many years in Bali, but again, always found herself drawn back to the island. She is delighted to be working alongside her brother and expanding the Bambuddha empire.

So what does 2018 and beyond hold for Bambuddha?

“This is the second year since my fathers retirement, last year was a year of transition, adjustment…I feel a lot more comfortable now than last year, having kept on improving personally and ensuring that the team improved with me. We take pride in what we’ve achieved, yet we always strive for improvement. The restaurant industry is very much like fashion, so it’s vital to travel the world and find new inspirations for dishes, cocktails and wines.

Another thing I take pride in are my staff and when they feel like they’re part of the business. Staff can be a tricky thing on the island, but this year we didn’t need to search for any new staff for the opening as we managed to maintain them all from last year. I want my staff to want to be here and to feel part of Bambuddha, so maintaining them is a big part of the future.”

Jonjon Moon

Bambuddha is open everyday ‪from 7pm – 3am and perfect for intimate private events, monumental parties and everything in between.

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