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A Mustang Adventure The Only Way To Drive The Island

A Mustang Adventure The Only Way To Drive The Island

I’ve been coming to Ibiza for years and I have a special bond with the place. I’ve seen so many sides to the island and I’m still not sure why I love it so much. All I know is that I’ve travelled the world and I keep getting drawn back to this feeling of home and excitement, more so than anywhere else I’ve ever been. It’s similar to Bali for me in that if you give yourself to the island and you are open as a person it makes you open up to others in a way that few places and situations do. Ibiza is a time machine for me. Ibiza changes people and it certainly changed me.

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I met my wife Caroline on a mountain top skiing. Though it sounds like a cliché, the moment I saw her I decided I was going to marry her. It took me several months to get her to go on a date with me, but once she did, one of the first places I took her to was Ibiza, where she had not previously been. I knew the island would deliver for me and I knew she would love it. Fast forward a few years and Ibiza was the place where we got married and now we run the Mustang business in Ibiza together.

The island presented me with an opportunity that was so unique and special. I had been coveting a 1968 fastback Mustang for years after watching my neighbour park his in our street in London, making my modern car seem like an alien. A friend of mine had started to import some classic cars from the US and finally I thought to myself “let’s buy some Mustangs and enjoy them on the amazing drives in Ibiza!” So I called him and said “let’s do this!!!” I flew down to Ibiza and drove a classic Mustang around the country roads and my feeling was confirmed: that this was the place to drive classic Mustangs! With the help and support of my beautiful wife we decided to throw everything at it and make our dreams and the dreams of our future customers come true.

The more we started to realise our dream of offering classic Mustangs in Ibiza, the more we wanted it and we brought more Mustangs to the island. The latest two cars we’ve added to the fleet are a 1965 289 V8 convertible in red and a 1967 302 V8 convertible in baby blue. We purchased the cars in Somerset in England from a man who had about 50 exotic cars, all kept in a purpose built garage. The red convertible is a prize-winning show car, so we are super excited about this one! Instead of shipping them to Ibiza, such is the confidence we have in our cars, we decided to do a road trip through Europe and drive them all the way to Ibiza ourselves! The trip was a huge success and a proper Mustang Adventure! The reactions from people and the joy they bring is second to none. Driving the cars is like being a curator in a museum but an interactive one! We had to fix some bits and pieces on the way but that just got us to understand the vehicles more and appreciate each of their unique characteristics. Once we got to Ibiza we put the cars into our pony stables. Our extremely skilled mechanic has given them the love and care that they require on a regular basis and they are both running like a dream.

The thing with these cars is they get under your skin. They look gorgeous and the noise is like nothing else. Especially one of the red convertibles in our fleet, it sounds like pure hell fire due to an after market exhaust system Even the standard cars we have with v8 engines sound incredible.  Interestingly, they all sound slightly different. And they all feel slightly different too. That is the beauty of classic cars: each car is different from the next. Our Mustangs have all lived full lives (50+ yrs!), they have all developed their own unique characters and their own personalities, to match ours. Some of the boys who look after the cars for us have even given them their own names!

We encourage everyone to try these cars out! Everyone loves Mustangs because they are the peoples car, the original pony, born from a time when such a muscle car really was attainable, not just exclusively for people with money but for the people. They are an event, a pantomime of the automotive world, a time machine and Ibiza is their playground. And Ibiza is so much more than just going from the hotel pool to the beach and on to the restaurants and clubs. It is a truly stunning island with so much variation, in spite of its fairly small size: rolling hills, farm land and olive groves, dramatic mountains, coastline with crystal clear water, picturesque little villages, and much more.

Experience all the beauty the island has to offer in a car to match it! With the high suspension these cars they can go down most small country roads, so you can really have a Mustang adventure! A match made in heaven…for me and I hope for you too.


Mustang Adventures in Ibiza gives you the ultimate form of travel, the most bold statement on four wheels and the ultimate party escape, available in a range of colours. Introducing the 1960’s Ford Mustang!

Blue with white stripes: Who said go faster stripes were for teenagers? Embrace your inner eighteen year old because this Mustang is writing cheques it certainly can cash! With a 289 cubic inch V8 at the front, an automatic transmission in the middle, and noise coming from the back, this pony has just come out our purpose built workshop and is ready to gallop!

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Blue with black stripes: It has the hardcore look, it has the hardcore engine and this 289 v8 ‘black stripe’ is a weapon on the road! Linked up to an original 3 speed auto means you can enjoy every rev of the powerful engine. It is one of the fastest cars in the fleet, and with it being a hard top, one of the best handling too. The unusual colour combination means it gets just as many looks as the drop tops.

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Black Straight Six: For those who want to look as good as it gets, here is our black beauty with a gorgeous contrasting red pony leather interior. Under the hood lies a straight six engine which provides a lovely purr. If you want to cruise the country roads of Ibiza in a smooth and stylish fashion, look no where else.

Red automatic convertible: Want the original feel? Just like how it was in 1965? Then feast your eyes, and certainly in this case, your ears too, with our 1965 Mustang 289 Convertible. Candy red on cream leather, original set up as far as breaks and steering to give an authentic feel. Don’t, however, think this pony is all talk and no trot, because under the hood is a fully reworked 289 cubic inch (or  4.7 litres) v8 motor, pumping around 270 bhp to the wheels and what sounds like the ultimate in automotive orchestras to the exhaust. 4 speed automatic lets you sit back and relax.

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Baby blue convertible: Moody blue, called as such because the only thing she likes is open road! Despite the very clean baby blue exterior, this car has the biggest and most powerful engine in the fleet; a 302 cubic inch V8, linked up to a sequential style racing 4 speed gear box. The big engine makes a smooth ride at whatever speeds, but should the mood take you, you can leave most other cars on the island in your dust!

Red manual convertible: For our involved drivers, we have our 4 speed manual, 289 v8. Drop the hood, put it in gear, and leave bystanders sick with envy. Candy red with a beautiful cream and red interior means you get to enjoy the inside just as much as the out. This is one of our most prized cars, fully kitted, including power assisted steering. Whether you want to hit some mountain roads, or just cruise around town, this is the car for you!

Silver Mercedes: Mustang Adventures has a very special car in the fleet, bringing you Mercedes Adventures with a 1970’s 280S. With power brakes and hydraulic steering, this car was top of the range back in the day. Just to throw a little originality into the big comfy cruiser, it actually has a factory manual gear box, so you can actually have some fun while looking like you own the island.